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Welcome to my fanfic archive!
Here you can read
If you ask me nicely to add you, that is...

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Addf me, add me, add me as a friend please!! I have to read what you've written- Monologue From the Top of A Skyscraper looks to be good.

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since next month you'll be 18 anyway...

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Please add me. Thanks, luv!

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Um, ce trebuie sa fac ca sa ma adaugi???

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hahaha - absolut nimic. te-am adaugat cum am primit mesaj ca m-ai adaugat. (ce misto suna!)

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Add me!!!

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I ask nicely... ;)

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who can say no to big puppy eyes...

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Add me, please.

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Add me please.
pipisafoat: a typewriter with a sheet of paper sticking out of it with a large heart on it (hot shit yay)

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Ooh, add me please? (Sorry, I'm a bit slow these days... just found your archive.)

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I was wondering if you could add me? I'm a big R+ fan =]

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You seem to be a really hardcore Rammstein fan, but you're only 16 and this archive is for people over 18. Sorry, but I wouldn't want to get this LJ shut down for problems with minors.

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Hiya! I followed your link from AFF, and I loved your "Fisherman's Tale!" I would love so much to read more of your stories! Would you do me the honor of adding me? =D

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since you're 24, you're added.

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I*m asking nicely. Add me pleeeeeeeeeeeeease! I*m starving for a good parody ramm-slash fiction!

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I'm sorry, but your userinfo doesn't have your age. I only friend people over 18 y.o. because of the content of this archive. If you are over 18 and you would add that in your userinfo, I'd love to add you, because we seem to have friends in common.

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I know I don't have much of a livejournal... in fact i've only posted once, but I love Rammstein fanfiction, and I'm a fan of everything Rammstein slash, especially Flake/Till. I would be so happy if you added me, as you seem a really good writer! Thanks. :)

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You don't state your age in your userinfo. This LJ is only for people over 18. It is best to put your age in your userinfo anyway - many communities look for it, even if when they only require 16 as minimum age.

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I enjoyed reading Dirty Story on AF, so pleaaase add me!

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I'm very pleased you enjoyed it. But I'm not sure what is your age. There is no info about it in your LJ. Do you actually use LJ? I don't add people under 18 because I wouldn't want to get into trouble and have LJ shut my archive.

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Hi, I'm fairly new to the Rammstein slash community, and I only made my account a few days ago, but I've been reading your main journal for some time. I hope to get more involved with this lovely community, and I would be thankful if you added me. :) I hope to start working on my own journal soon if I can find the time this week!

Re: Hi!

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Ok, you're added. You'll mostly find older stuff here. But I plan to update some of the fics I've only posted in my lisa_thecat LJ. I haven't checked, but if you are not a member of the6, I surely recommend it. it's an awesome Rammstein fanfic community, even if it is kinda dormant at the moment. but the archives are super,

Re: Hi!

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Ooooh add me add me please!

Re: Hi!!!

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ok, you're in. hope you enjoy.

Re: Hi!!!

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Please add me!

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Add me, please?

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sorry it took so long. I didn't get a notification in my email and I rarely visit here...

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I would love to read your fics! Add me, please?

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Thank You!

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Hi! Can I be added?? Pretty pretty please? :D I'm a huge fan

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added :)